Amidst public sector failings, migrants and corporations take own initiative

Amidst public sector failings, migrants and corporations take own initiative
In what has been described as "pathetic" and "desperate", European Council President Tusk made an appeal to economic migrants to avoid Europe on Thursday in Ankara, Turkey. Tusk also declared that Schengen rules would enter into force again and that Greece and other European countries would no longer act as transit countries. The plea took place at a time when many migrants are choosing the underground smuggler-led 'relocation' system, which runs parallel to the slow, restrictive and flawed formal European relocation scheme. France, for example, has only relocated 284 refugees from Greece and Italy despite having housing for 5,200 people ready. 
In another example of the EU and national governments failing to provide necessary infrastructure amidst the migrant crisis, truck drivers and the international transport community are facing increasing security pressures and ensuing costs. Last week an international transport organisation warned the Commission that it was only a "matter of time" until truck drivers would be killed or injured by refugees in Calais. Then, Monday evening the first incident occurred with a lorry driver being attacked with sticks and bars by a dozen young men requiring a visit to the A&E room. Increasingly companies are taking over security costs as governments and the EU are slow to provide help and funding.


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