European Movement International elects new Secretary General


Members of the European Movement International met together in Riga, Latvia, on Friday 24 April and Saturday 25 April for its Federal Assembly. At the meeting, EMI members voted unanimously to elect a new Secretary General, Petros Fassoulas, who will hold the position for the next three years.

Petros Fassoulas, who will replace incumbent Secretary General, Diogo Pinto, in July 2015 is a Greek national who has lived in the UK for 15 years and was previously Chairman of the European Movement UK (2011 – 2014). In this position he was responsible for the organisation’s advocacy work, stakeholder engagement and press relations, and transformed the European Movement UK into an increasingly active organisation – a drive which he says he now plans to commit to the European Movement International.

Fassoulas, who previously worked as EU affairs adviser for the British Parliament and the FSA, the financial services watchdog, is currently Head of Policy and Public Affairs – Europe for ACCA. Through this position he will bring great professional experience in the field of lobbying and political communications to his new full time role at the European Movement International.

Talking about his impending return to Brussels, where he previously worked at the European Commission and Committee of the Regions, Fassoulas said:

The European Movement International laid the foundations for post-war European integration and it is a great honour to be appointed Secretary General of this great organisation at a crucial juncture for the European project. The collective challenges Europe faces today require common solutions. We must take on the forces of division and nationalism, re-engage people with the process of European integration and chart a course for a democratic, inclusive, ambitious, outward-looking and successful Europe. I will work tirelessly towards that end and I relish the opportunity to co-operate with EMI members across Europe in our joint endeavour.”


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